5 news of the day : Brexit, new help for homeless and jobs creation

International news is front and center with the arrest of the main suspect of the New Year’s Eve attack in Istanbul. Teresa May has finally revealed her plan for Brexit. In France, there’s good news for Renault, which sold 3.18 million cars. In Toulouse, job creation in the teaching sector has been announced. Last but not least, Montané gymnasium has been commandeered for the homeless.

The main suspect in the New Year’s Eve attack of Istanbul has finally been arrested

The suspect, from Uzbekistan, was arrested Monday night. He admitted that he was responsible for the attack in a night club that killed 39 people.

Theresa May revealed her plan for Brexit

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, revealed her plan for the UK to leave the UE. The country should set off the procedure in March but the negotiations may last for years.

Renault sold 3.18 million cars in 2016

Renault sold 13% more cars than last year. For the first time in its history, Renault sold more cars than its main competitor, PSA. This historical year can be explained by the new, more modern design of its car.

The school system of Toulouse will create 376 jobs in 2017

In Toulouse 125 jobs will be created. The majority will be for elementary schools. The objective is to open up new classes in September 2017.

Requisition of Montané Gymnasium for the homeless

The Haute-Garonne prefecture has commandeered the Montané Gynasium in Toulouse to shelter the homeless from the severe cold. Since the start of the cold wave, 140 beds for the homeless have been made available in Toulouse.

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