5 news of the day

« Winter is coming » : This week France is going to face with the biggest cold wave in five years. Its coming from the north east of europe and the thermometers won’t post more than 0°C.

A new media for the Ex’s iTélé’s journalists : About fifty journalists who had decided to quit itélé 2 months ago have created a new webtv named « Explicite ». This new media should be officialy launched next friday.

French government gives 8,7 millions € to Toulouse for the transports : France’s Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve was in Toulouse last friday to announce that government will award 8,7 millions of euros to the city. This money will be used to finance several transport projects such as a third subway or a cable car.

Video-verbalization in Toulouse : The video verbalization is now  in service in Toulouse. Since this morning, all the motorists who park their cars in downtown without paying will receive a penalty thanks to the cameras.

Plane crash in Kirghiztan : 37 people dead in a crash of an airplane close to bichkek’s airport. The crash maybe due to pilot error.

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