Price loyalty and efficiency of using the portal from academic writing

The pricing process that operates on the site

There is no clear price list on, and this is probably one of the things that interest customers in the first place. Unfortunately, cannot provide a price list, because, firstly, the price depends on the individual characteristics of the academic work, type of work, number of pages, the theme of the work, and secondly, the price of the same work may vary. When there are fewer orders, the price will be lower, when there are many orders and you have to work overtime, the price will be higher. The price also depends on the timing of the research project, academic projects that are executed on urgently are more expensive. You can ask for a price in the first email or during the first conversation with the manager.

Obtaining the finished work and the aspect of uniqueness

The work (separate sections) can be received in person by e-mail. The authors of write a scientific paper for you and present it in chapters. There are several forms of receiving and paying for work. The issue of uniqueness is most important, the authors of the platform, of course, do not see the need to carefully study their activities in the context of plagiarism. Everything is written exclusively by the author of This is not plagiarism at all. In the case of other sites where employees write works, copying material from Internet sources as much as possible, does not need this, but, of course, the client can check the work for plagiarism – if the similarity is more than 15%, will improve academic work without additional costs.

Time limit for writing order at

The deadline for writing on depends mainly on the type and scope of work and the period during which the order was placed. It takes an average of three to four weeks to write a dissertation and two or three weeks to write a diploma. When a customer places an order in advance, he can be sure that the work will be ready for him. Submission, writing of works in sections is obligatory. In a situation where the authors of write the first section, it comes to the client, reviews, gives his assessment, after which the authors of begin to write the rest of the work. The client can submit his remarks, reservations, recommendations, which can be regularly submitted, to the authors of the resource

Free fixes

If necessary, always corrects written works. Within a week of giving the finished project to the client, the authors of will not distance themselves from their work, as many other sites do, is fully responsible for its work. Free fixes can be submitted online, no one is left without help. Other companies operating in the market and providing services for writing various academic papers are afraid of this responsibility – they minimize the period of improvement, changes in the finished work (if any) (for example, up to two weeks) so that no one has time to take advantage of these « guaranteed » fixes.

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